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About Us

Diane Simmonds
Diane Simmonds

This site covers the region around Mudgee, including all the villages and small towns: that can be seen on the map on the next page. As the site grows, so will the information on the various localities.

The author and coordinator of this site, Diane Simmonds, is a local author, media consultant, journalist, and poet.

Diane was a journalist with local newspapers, the Mudgee Guardian and The Weekly for almost 8 years. During her 28 years in Mudgee, including her time as a local journalist, Diane has followed a personal passion, collecting and promoting local history and telling the stories of local people.

Diane is the author of the very successful project, Cobb & Co Heritage Trail, Bathurst to Bourke, the first stage of which won the National Heritage Tourism Award in 1999. The project , led by Barbara Hickson of Mudgee, was a cooperative of councils from Bathurst to Bourke and their communities.

For many years Diane and others have sought the collection of the Mudgee district’s history into a cohesive written and photographed record and data base for the community and other researchers to access easily, to retain community pride in our heritage and to promote the region for its historical charm.

The history on this site will provide a base for a new focus on historical tourism presently being developed and a collection of books and CDs on the district’s history being written, complete with quality photographs seeking to preserve information on important historical sites so the stories will not be lost to future generations. It will also gradually feature the stories of the local people, past, not so long past, and into the present.

This website will give the community a vehicle to achieve this aim. It will enable the Mudgee district people to contribute in the collection of their own history and to make it available to all. It actively seeks community contribution and will acknowledge authors and/or sources of all information.

The author has ‘got the ball rolling’ for this site herself, with the great encouragement and inspiration from Norman McVicker and Sof Lee, James Sebastion, Margaret Thomas, Lucy White, The Mudgee Historical Society, and many others, but seeks sponsorship from the local community or any philanthropist  who sees the value of this history site to financially support its ongoing growth, whether by advertising on the site or direct sponsorship.  Please contact the administrator on if you wish to be a financial supporter of this project.

It must also be said here that the author is just learning to make her own website, and more professional website makers are asked to be kind in their criticism and patience. The site will improve as Diane learns more. Credit must be given here to Sof Lee, who has been teaching the author to make a website step by step, with the patience of Job. Without Sof’s help this website could not happen.

Exchange links on historical information are welcome. If you would like to link your history site with this website, please also contact the administrator.

Photos on this site are by the author, Diane Simmonds, unless otherwise acknowledged.  Some are photographs of photographs belonging to various Museums in the district.


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