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from the author of this website

Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds

together with beautiful paintings by local artist Judy Kurtz


Portrait of Mudgee and District

by Judy Kurtz,

with historical notes by Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds.

A quality coffee table book of 30 colour prints and 6 sepia drawings by renown artist, Judy Kurtz, with historical notes by Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds, all of the Mudgee region, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos, Goolma, Wollar, Capertee, Hill End, Hargraves and more.


Price: $39.95

plus postage and handling.

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The Wiradjuri Nation

Beginning to Early Settlement

Passages to the North-West Plains, 1817-26  by Michael O’Rourke

Oxley, Howe, Lawson, Cunningham; Mudgee, Merriwa, Muswellbrook
Incorporating an extended discussion of the armed conflict between Aborigines, settlers and police in the Hunter Valley, 1825-26.

Aaron, Early Settlers, Martial Law
Windradine, A Dying Race
Peggy and Jimmy Lambert, Jimmy McDonald, Tom Penney
More about Peg and Jim Lambert — by Mickel Cowie
Massacres, Martial Law is declared
Jimmy Governor
Black Trackers
Wally Washbrook Aboriginal Elder.
Wiradjuri Nation by Norman McVicker OAM
The Cox Family, Wiradjuri, Winbourne and Burrundulla
Triamble Valley Aboriginals (Jim Birtles)

Information on Aboriginal Family History

Information on Diana Mudgee

Dreamtime Poems by Diane de St Hilaire Simmonds

A Dreamtime Poem by Rae Desmond Jones (c) 2013

The poem is prominent in my forthcoming volume of New & Selected Poems - to be launched on 11 August, my birthday.  It's the first in the book. Her name (one of them) has been changed phonetically. 



Early Settlement

Bathurst settled first. Blaxland, Wentworth, Lawson, Cox

Passages to the North-West Plains, 1817-26  by Michael O’Rourke

Oxley, Howe, Lawson, Cunningham; Mudgee, Merriwa, Muswellbrook
Incorporating an extended discussion of the armed conflict between Aborigines, settlers and police in the Hunter Valley, 1825-26.

Mudgee is discovered: James Blackman, William Lawson, Cox family
First settler names in the district and properties, Mudgee becomes a village
Early days of Mudgee, slab buildings, churches, inns, Post Office, Courthouse, etc. gold, Mudgee to Mullamuddy a municipality
Hospitals, Post Office, banks
First gold discoveries
Norman McVicker—Robert Hoddle did NOT design Mudgee
James Blackman
William Lawson.
William Cox, road builder across Blue Mountains

James Watsford, 1st Mail Coach Driver over the Blue Mountains
George Cox, son of William Cox
George Henry Cox, son of George Cox

Early Settlement: A letter home to England 1860 from Edwin Greenwood, Oakfield near Mudgee, and Cooyal.

Gold Fields - A letter back to England by Mark William Paine on his journey from Sydney to the Maitland Bar goldfields near Mudgee.


Cobb and Co

Cobb & Co and the Gold Rush, bushrangers.
Bushrangers, Rylstone, Home Rule, Denison Town.
Cob & Co, Cooyal, bushrangers..
Mudgee drivers, innkeepers, coachmen.
Cobb & Co Mail Routes in the Mudgee region.
The Deane Family, coachbuilders

Cobb & Co Change Stations around Mudgee

James Watsford, 1st Mail Coach Driver over the Blue Mountains

Changing Stations in Mudgee

Cobb & Co at Sofala

Highway Robbery



by Barbara Hickson:

Chinese in Gulgong - SofSun Tong Lee Shop, Gulgong

Chinese Anonymity; Sun Tong Lee Shop, Gulgong, Chinaman's Swamp, Coolah, Keys Market Garden, Mudgee, Wong of Palmers Oakey.

Ah Lum's grave at Gulgong; Site of capture of Chinese bushranger Sam Poo; Chinese Store at Cassilis; Winn's Market Garden, Gulgong

Chinese in Sofala: Wong Gee's grave, Sofala; Isle of Dreams Sofala


by Diane Simmonds:

Chinese in Sofala

Chinese on the Meroo Goldfields, Worlds End



Capertee, Gulgong, Mudgee railways.

Elsie Winter's memoir




History of Capertee

Some names and families of Capertee by Mickel Cowie





Cooyal's own lady bushranger, Mary Ann Bugg and her legendary husband Captain Thunderbolt


Gulgong Gold
Prince of Wales Opera House
Gulgong Cobb & Co
Rolf Underwood’s Robbery Under Arms
Rouse Family
Henry Lawson
Chinese Bushranger
News Snippets


Newspaper Reports

Murder and Mayhem - Newspaper Reports

Historic Newspaper Clippings


Rylstone Kandos

Kandos History

Rylstone History
Kandos WWI Veteran
History of Rylstone by Aboriginal Elder Jim Birtles
Kandos High School Year 9 Their Service, Our Heritage World War I and World War II project.
WWI Sidney George Robbins
WWI Waler Horses & General Chauvel of the Light Horse Brigade
Simpson and his donkey & Two Boys
Waler horses
Waler Horses & Cobb & Co
WWI Laurie McLeod
WWI Fred & Harry Travis
Whose side was God on?
Women in war
WWI Thomas Chadwick
Newspaper report
WWI John & Margaret Currie
Junge Family Photos
Kandos National Archive Records
World War I photos
WWII Prisoner of War Stalag 13
WWII Women in War
James Nolan WWII MBE
Jack Ferguson WWII Navy
Jack Tindale WWII Airforce
Australian Prisoners of War
Val Wade British Force WWII

Reg and Jenny Franks, Local POW Camps and Mosquito Bombers

Naming Kandos - Report by Pam O'Connor



The Village of Hill End

The Village of Sofala

Gold at Sofala

Cobb & Co at Sofala

Local Villages: Capertee Valley including Capertee, Glen Davis, Glen Alice, Torbane, Airly, Newnes, Glen Alice Cemetery

White Appropriation of the Capertee Valley by Mickel Cowie

Worlds End, Meroo Gold fields

Mt Frome





Latest updates




St John the Baptist Anglican Church
Church of the Redeemer, Windeyer
Anglican Bush Churches
Other Churches

Sofala Church

St Matthew's Catholic Church, Botobolar

Christian Poetry and Christmas Poems



Related Community Resources

Gulgong Pioneers Museum.
Mudgee Museum.

About Norman McVicker

Salute to the late Norman McVicker, OAM 1920 - 2012


Folk Tales

Lue General Store by John Honeysett

Don Hobbs: Farm Machinery Collectors

Don Hobbs - Trip to a Cattle Duffer's Shack

John Woodrick: My Mudgee Beginnings

CRESP FAMILY COLLECTION Photos from their farm in Boinka Victoria

Laura Wallis - local historian's great grandmother writes of a journey to the Maitland Bar goldfields.

Wiliam Oxley by Paul Bech

Historical Film Star Photo Collection

Renewable Energy Pioneers in Mudgee

Tribute to the late Kenneth James Simmonds, Royal Show judge, horseman.



Let's Chat

A page for community help and information

Could a button challenge Blackman's discovery of Mudgee?
Wal Ellison Writes: Page 1

Page 2 - General enquiries

Page 3 - A page for Aboriginal Families to link up with family members, past and present

Page 4 - Diana Mudgee Page

Page 7 - for Charlotte




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gulgong pioneer museum

Australian Dictionary of Biography

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