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Local Character: Don Hobbs, At Home P.10

Local Character
Don Hobbs

At Home
 local character don hobbs at home

folklore don hobbs

You would, of course, expect a fellow like Don to have his own blacksmithing shed, and sure enough he has.
The shed is fascinating, full of old time objects that you do not know the purpose of, but once he tells you, it makes great common sense.

Every blacksmithing shop, of course, must have some bellows to blow the air into the fire to heat the coals red hot.
These old forge bellows (right) are not in prime condition to do that anymore, but they are a fascinating reminder of the swimming hammer and anvil of the old blacksmithing days.
folklore don hobbs
don hobbs

The liquid fire resulting from the blacksmith’s work could be poured into this forging plate to shape steel into many things. This mould came from Ron Franlin at Lue. He lived in the blacksmith’s shop at Lue and when he sold it and bought a place at Glenroe up the coast, he found that his new house was once again a blacksmith shop.


folklore don hobbs butter churner

And here Don shows some of the horse shoes he has made for his draft horses in this blacksmith shop.

And even though Don has proved time and time again that everything can be put to good use, I don’t think I would have thought of turning this old swing into a horse shoe storage and cross cut saw holder. It makes a good one though. Don has collected the horse shoes over time, but the old swining cross cut saw in the middle came from Hill End.

don hobbs old swing
folklore don hobbs pigeon tumbler

And for a blacksmith, this set of harrows with one horse, two horse, three horse swindle bars hanging from it would be a handy collection to have.



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