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Local Character: Don Hobbs, At Home P.11

Local Character
Don Hobbs

At Home
 local character don hobbs at home

folklore don hobbs

Don has another collection of old vehicles at his home, most of them with a history connected close to the town of Mudgee. Sitting in an old shed, protected from the elements, is a tip dray, originally from the old Ulan Inn (below left).  The inn was donated to the Gulgong Museum when the mine first bought Ulan out. The Inn can still be seen at the museum today.

The cart above was once a luggage compartment to a Cobb & Co stage coach body. Don made the shafts out of Stringy Bark.
The axle is a cart axle, the wheels are hay rake wheels and the seat is a buckboard set.
Don drove this cart from Mudgee to Gulgong for the Gulgong Centennary Show.

folklore don hobbs butter churner


folklore don hobbs butter churner

Above is the small ash carter from Mudgee Hospital.don hobbs
At right you can see the marks of the hot ashes.
Clive McDonald once owned this  cart and used it for carting corn.
Don now uses it to cart firewood.

Not all Don’s old ‘treasures’ are horse drawn though. This caravan was once a Mudgee Shire Council workman’s hut. It still has the fireplace and fridge in it, and the clothes, cutthroat shaver and soap etc. of the workman who used it. Don bought the van from Bennett’s Saw Mill, but it once belonged to Swords’ in Mudgee as well.

don hobbs old swing
folklore don hobbs pigeon tumbler

This Bedford truck came from the late Norm Hundy from Blacksoils Road, Grattai.
It originally came from Rylstone Shire.
It is a 64 model J1 Bedford. It has 71,000 miles on it.


This is the back end of an early Holden ute, made into a farm trailer.

don hobbs old swing

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