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Local Character: Don Hobbs, At Home P.12

Local Character
Don Hobbs

At Home
 local character don hobbs at home

folklore don hobbs for lifting bags of wheats

Part of the reason things get thrown away is because people today do not know what they were used for.
 If people realised what the old timers did with this gadget, they would be making them in the dozens.
It was used for lifting heavy bags of wheat or oats from the ground up onto the wagon, to take to the market.

don hobbs loading wheat

And this gadget was for loading bags of wheat or oats etc. from the ground onto your shoulder.
Don often uses this today.

folklore don hobbs butter churner

These old well circles are for making wells—the reason why most wells are about this size.
You dug the dirt out as you went down.

don hobbs well cicle
don hobbs loading wheat

And this (left) believe it or not, is a 1900 army serrated potato chip cutter that Don got from Hill End about 30 years ago.
Note the patent number and date at right.

folklore don hobbs butter churner

folklore don hobbs for lifting bags of wheats

Some of Don’s souvenirs make you very happy to be living in the present day. This plunger, for instance, is part of a hand washing machine. But then, I guess it would burn a few calories off, or build the muscles up, whatever you are interested in.
The hand washing machine plunger came from the Mudgee tip.

This old pole is a sheep gallows for killing sheep, originally from Lue.

It has a weight at one end, and you lift the weight up, put the sheep on the other end, let the weight go and it lifts the sheep up for you by the legs to dress it.

don hobbs well cicle

folklore don hobbs for lifting bags of wheats

And this old hook has a precious tale to tell. It was a hook to a Mudgee hay press owned by Clive McDonald.
The horse was harnessed up to this hook, and as he walked away from the hook, a bale of wool was pulled down.
Don said Clive used his Clydesdale horse for pressing hay.
You can see at the bottom of the hook how it is worn away from use on the old Burrundulla farm.

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