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Local Character: Don Hobbs, Preserving History P.2

don hobbs
Don Hobbs
Preserver of History

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folklore don hobbsdon hobbs implement
don hobbs collection

This is a stubble rake. It is still in perfect working order. Note the inscription: The Ipswich Solid Axle Rake, Ransome Sims and Jefferies Ltd and the number BBL9. For more information on the company click:
This stubble rake came from Jimmy Cook‘s place. I led Jim’s funeral on my horse and dray and Mrs Cook asked me what I would like. The hay rake had a tree growing out of it, lifting up one side, out in the back yard. I asked for it. The very next day I cut hay at my mum’s back block and it used to take me 3 hours to do by hand and it took me 25 minutes to do it with the rake. It was beautiful to use.

folklore don hobbsdon hobbs implement
don hobbs collection

Left we have a Lister Blackstone two furrow plough, the brand nameplate still shiny and ledgeable. This was used to plough long straight rows ready to plant the corn, potatoes etc. It once belonged to Clive McDonald, who share farmed Burrundulla farm for more than 47 years. This is the only one of that make that I know is still working. I use it on my own property now.
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don hobbs

Left: Now this old sled was used to drag lots of things around the farm—old logs, to move heavy machinery etc. Note the old butter shed behind, used in later years as a hay storage room. In the olden days they used to pour the butter on the floor of this shed, which was cement rendered with tiles on the side walls. Then they cut up the butter and packaged it when it had settled.


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