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Local Character: Don Hobbs, Preserving History P.3

don hobbs

Don Hobbs
Preserver of
folklore donn hobbs


I love using the old working traps. This one (above) is my favourite. I made it myself out of bits and pieces. It has done a lot of work around the farm. Note the iron wheels rather than rubber. This prevents  the spread of cats heads and other weeds, as they would stick into the rubber and travel everywhere. Keeping a farm weed free is a lot of work, so prevention is better than cure. All my young horses work in this trap. I use it to pasture harrow, drag logs and windmills, dragging pipes and fixing the windmills.

folklore don hobbsdon hobbs collection
folklore don hobbs

Farmers didn’t always use expensive shop bought farm equipment, a slide made out of any waste bits and pieces, an old log, the bonnet of an old car, many different things can make an efficient mover and shaker on a farm. Below left is another one of my farm creations. I made this beautiful horse drawn sulky with all sorts of bits and pieces. It is a work of art. It has a 1916 WWI military swindle bar on it, the curly bits are original old steel spiral posts that were used in fencing, and I carry 4 bales of hay on this to feed the young weaners. It also has windmill pipes on it as shafts. It was originally a 4 horse scuffler, with 3 sections that lift up and down to lift the earth and break it up after ploughing to get the weeds out. It was all in parts and I re-created it.

folklore don hobbs

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