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Local Character: Don Hobbs, Preserving History P.6

don hobbs
Don Hobbs Preserver of History

If you are going to work with tools, they must be kept top condition. Using my collection of old machinery and tools on the Mills’ farm not only ensured they were in top condition and workable, but preserved them for posterity as well.

In the olden days a man always had to have a scythe, sharpened and ready, beside a bag.
You must always be ready...

folklore don hobbs scyhe sharpen
don hobbs sharpening

Sharpening your tools regularly is essential.


This is an old coaching penknife, used by Cobb & Co drivers for immeasurable jobs.

folklore don hobbs conn and co pen knife

folklore don hobbs chains and ropes

Chains and ropes are essential tools on an historic working farm.
They must be kept in good order and ready for use.

And the old tools in Grandpa’s shed might look dusty, rusty and useless.
But for any man who works with his hands, they are priceless.

folklore don hobbs grandpa's tools

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