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Local Character: Don Hobbs, Preserving History P.7

don hobbs
Don Hobbs Preserver of History

But it’s not just the old farming equipment, I try to preserve and if possible, I use anything I can find that has a history, particularly if it has a local history. I can’t bear to throw away what really is our past. If it does not have a use, I keep it just for the beauty of it. Below are some of the other treasures I have added to my collection of the Golden Era.

Old relics hanging around a farm give the farm character.
You know the people living there are really living. Modern business farming has its uses, but I find the modern look of streamlined efficiency very empty.
It might bring in the dollars, but living isn’t about bringing in the dollars.
The dollars are for living, not the other way around.
That’s why when you visit a family farm that has been working for generations, you will find various aspects of their life and their great-grandparents life around the place.
A family farm has a soul.

folklore don hobbs swindle bar

Old Swindle Bars used to harness a working horse.
don hobbs furrow plough

don hobbs furrow plough

This old single furrow plough (left) and the old horse drawn bucket or shovel (right) are other golden oldies we might not see around too often these days.
I am using the single plough at the moment on my own farm.
It was from Blackman’s original farm up near the Rifle Range and probably belonged to the first Blackman’s.
I bought it at auction for $18 about 30 years ago.
The bucket came from Havilah water quarry, where everyone used to swim.
It was used to scoop out the quarry.

don hobbs cattle foot wash

Above is an old cattle foot wash, used in the dairy to increase hygiene and prevent the spread of disease. The cattle walked into it at the steps on the left, then walked through the disinfected water and out the other end. There would not be many of these left on the modern farms of today.

I made this cattle shute at left with old bits and pieces around the farm, particularly using recycled timber.
Sometimes building something out of old recycled is quite a challenge, particularly getting it to work properly.
This works great. It is just like a sheep drafting race, the cattle walk down and are directed at the bottom by moving the gate.

folklore don hobbs cattle shute

folklore don hobbs old machine to plant potatoes

This, believe it or not, is a machine to plant potatoes.
And it is still in good working order.
It has about seven or eight plates that plant barley, corn, wheat, oats, carrots, onions and different garden vegetables.
It came from Crudine, at Doug Giles on the Crudine Road.
I bought it at auction about four years ago.

And isn’t it funny on an old family farm how things appear over time and nobody knows where they come from.
This old gaol gate at left is believed to be from one of Mudgee’s first gaols.
The first settlement of Mudgee was at ‘The Camping Tree’ on Menah, just across the present old railway line and down the Wilbertree Road, where George and Henry Cox, William Cox the road builder’s sons,  arrived in 1822, soon followed by others.
The Camping Tree still sits beside the river on the Wilbertree Road.
The first gaol was there, virtually a round-backed timber cage where inmates were chained to the walls.
Later, when the settlement moved because of flooding, the gaol was built behind the present Court House, and it is thought this gate probably came from there.
This gaol gate is still part of the Mills farm.

folklore don hobbs an old mudgee gaol gate

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