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Local Character: Don Hobbs, At Home P.8

Local Character
Don Hobbs

At Home
 local character don hobbs at home

don hobbs home

don hobb tudor

Local bushman, history guru and horseman, Donny Hobbs, lives high in the mountains at the back of Mudgee. His land is a Wildlife Refuge, the gate decorated with skulls of various animals, enough to make anyone nervous about who lives there. For Don, however, His home is his castle, as indicated by the sign tacked to a tree, Tudor Hills.

folklore don hobbs

don hobbs

don hobbs

Far into the mountains, Don has built his home nestled into the hills, mostly out of recycled materials and housing a myriad of old historical collectables, or just old unwanted old fashioned items, according to your own convictions.
But to Don, these items are items of beauty, character and history, and very worthy of keeping and making use of if possible.


folklore don hobbs butter churnerEvery item has a story, and every story seems to be the story of the Mudgee region, a story told in historic items that without Don, would have been discarded and buried in the tip many years before.
Items like this old butter churner at right, or this hand wringer hanging on the old cement tubs below, these things are the remnants of yesteryear.

folklore don hobbs butter churner

folklore don hobbs pigeon tumbler

And just to round off the old fashioned walk through yesteryear, these pictures of Don’s beautiful white tumbling pigeons really send us pining for the nostalgia of years gone by. 
don hobb tumbling pigeonThese pigeons use their feathery feet as rudders to turn in the air. They love to do air actrobatics.
 Don loves to raise these birds and watch their display high in the mountains of Mudgee.


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