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© 1993



As they march on this their special day,

A change comes into focus,

No one really knows, as they march along the street,

What memories come to life?

When the ANZAC brothers meet.

It’s the eyes of ANZAC marchers,

That tell tales of long ago,

Tis’ the eyes and not the lips that speak,

Of pain these soldiers bore.

Walk tall, men and women,

As you march on this your day,

And let people such as I,

Share your memories, while we may.

No one will ever know, the price they paid,

For those who died, left behind,

A family spent in grief,

Not for just a year or two, but, for generations through.

And what about those men and women,

Who came back from the wars?

No loving words or family ties,

Can ever wipe completely, the horrors that they knew.

It’s the eyes of ANZAC marchers,

That tell tales of long ago,

Tis’ the eyes, and not the lips,

That speak of pain, these soldiers bore.

She The Sea .....

Rachel Knowles   (c)  1990


I watched the sea the other day
And angry as could be was she
I'm glad that I was not too near
For ROAR did she
And threw into the air her arms
Then slapped the shore so hard
That even brave men near
Backed away and shook their heads 

I heard an old man say the other day
It's her bridal dress they spoiled
And those that stained her dress of blues and greens
Just kept on, as though they did not care 

The old man took a breath and carried on
When I was young, my heart beat fast
When ere' I set my eyes on her
For she would, without one word
Win the hearts of young and old 

Soft yet hard is she
For no man dared to set upon her  dress of blues and greens
Till first he asked in humbleness
And woe' betide the ship that did not thank her
For a safe and perfect trip 

I heard the wind the other day.

One day, man shall find
All things on earth have a job to do
But man is sacrificing all
That is not his 

And now.....
Her bridal dress
And all who attend to her gardens in the sea
They too are disappearing
Because of you 

Who will  help man
When she the sea
Unfolds her wings

Ah'... Yes
I have seen her fly and land on places
She has never been before
A tidal wave they called it
The heavens know it
As the height of her angry roar 

I heard an old man say the other day
I've seen ships go under
And I've heard them break in two
I've watched men swept from decks
And heard her laughter
As she evened up a few 

I heard the old man say
I gave up the sea
For at last I understood her anger
And felt ashamed to know
Her anger still not at its peak
Is building
Just for man 

I heard the sea the other day
And this is what she said 

One day man, I shall claim you
Then all your land 

I heard the universe the other day. 

Watched them come 
Watched them go
I thought for just a heart beat
This one would make it
In my younger days
Communication was the answer to everything
No-one listens any more 

I wonder.....
Could we.....
Is anybody listening ?











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